Okay @librelounge listeners, time to get real... Doing video was way harder than I imagined, so I'm going to release the next episode tomorrow sans video. But...

I should have the start of a post about ReviewPub out later that day, and hopefully a video in a few days. That's my hope/goal. No more delaying the episode though.


@lufthans @librelounge

Thanks. It would be a bit better if I hadn't been all "Watch the video accompaniment to this episode!" on the show. That's because I assumed I'd be done by now (we recorded it on Feb 12th!) so I just feel silly.

@emacsen @librelounge lots of work without the accomplishment is definitely frustrating

As to feeling silly, wear a silly hat for the next recording session, then at least you have a visible reason for the feeling

I wore a penguin hat to my presentation this morning :)

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