Just found out that probiotic VSL#3 is no longer available in Canada, but if I want the same formulation as the original VLS#3, I need to buy from a company called Visbiome.

Sadly they aren't selling Visbiome in capsules. Maybe it's time for me to make yogurt in small containers for daily use.


Anything below half a kilo *is* a small container of yogurt.

@emacsen that's probably worth doing. I make yogurt in an InstantPot now but long ago had a dedicated yogurt maker. Just need something to keep it at the incubation temp for 8 hours or so (35-45°C or 95-115°F). I've read of people using an oven with just the appliance light left on.

I used to make several little jars, but now I just make a large batch & put it into a small jar in the morning if I need something portable.

Coffee filters are used to make 1/2 the batch Greek style

@emacsen the whey off the filtered yogurt is saved to make the next batch as otherwise we'd always end up accidentally eating all the yogurt & have to buy more to start again

@keverets That's one way. OTOH if I'm using the high quality probiotics to make the yogurt, I'll probably stick with that.

I may try this. The other thing I need to do for this experiment is good quality half-and-half, grass-fed/pasture raised half-and-half without fillers or stabilizers.

@emacsen I haven't tried with half-and-half. Generally I just use Whole/Homogenized/3.25%

Interested to hear how it goes for you.

@keverets I'm trying to essentially reproduce the macros in Peak. Their yogurt is 17%. Heavy cream is 34%. Half and Half is around 12% so a good mix should be a bit of both. Using heavy cream alone with keffir in the past gave me something more akin to creme fraiche in consistency.

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