I love org-mode but I do have to say that not having a nice way to collaborate on it is a hindrance.

We really need something that's like etherpad or Collabora but able to use org-mode files. Otherwise I'll eventually need to switch. But since nothing else is better, I have no idea what I'd switch to!

I realize I made this same complaint not too long ago, but it comes up each time my partner and I want to discuss planning. Org-mode is awesome for my tasks, but the minute we need to share between us and make plans, we can't.

@emacsen dedicated file and Syncthing, SparkleShare, NextCloud, git-annex, etc?

Still not real time, but might meet an eventual consistency need



Picking up the phone and calling the other party tends to be the quickest and lowest friction solution.

@yisraeldov Git doesn't really solve the problem because if I'm working with someone in real-time or near real time, I have to keep pushing, they have to keep fetching, etc.

Compare that to the experience of using Etherpad, Collabora or Google Docs.

@yisraeldov Sparkeshare and Nextcloud are great. I use Nextcloud myself. But those are file synchronization technologies, not what I'm describing here, which is real time modification of a document by multiple authors/editors simultaniously.

OK so how about running emacs in gun screen multi user mode

@yisraeldov It's a nice idea but it has a number of problems.

First, you are then required to give other people complete access to your account. There's no way in this model to restrict someone to just editing a single file- as it's Emacs with the full power of a shell, etc.

Secondly, Emacs is unaware of who contributed what. This is unlike the other environments I suggested, where the source is part of the input.

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