I just wrote to the Electronic Freedom Foundation about their partnership with Google. #EFF #boycottEFF #defundEFF pastebin.com/PE6Sx3q5

thanks for the tip @schestowitz & @kavbojka


@handle @kavbojka I understand the concerns very well about this topic, and similar concerns were raised about but anyone who attended that saw how there was no pulling punches. Since these orgs need money to operate, maybe we should focus on how to keep influence out? Do you think think that we could do that and still take their money? As Bradley Kuhn put it, "Accepting donations is not an endorsement"

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If it's not an endorsement, what is it? It's certainly not an indictment and it isn't neutrality. Just because you aren't an active co-conspirator doesn't mean you are not complicit. I don't think innocent bystanders knowingly take donations from perpetrators.

@kavbojka @handle If we make the bar so high that we will only accept those who don't accept anything from those we don't like, no matter what the outcome, we're severely limiting our options for getting the word out.

Is this concerning? Heck yes. But given the EFF's social capital, I'd like to see what happens rather than abandon them. We can always re-evaluate later, but it's hard to walk back a hard-line.

@emacsen @handle I think someone has to hold a hard-line and I support @aral (and people like him) in doing so. The middle path favors the status quo, and if EFF is too weak to go without these donations, maybe it's time to call it quits?

@kavbojka Hmmm, holding a hard line while selling on Apple's app store, really ? @emacsen


In general I agree on this strong stance taken, and your arguments to EFF are well-made, but - as I also PM'ed earlier - I'm afraid this radical approach creates a chasm between people still in the dark or grey, and those who've come fully to the light.

For any person there is a gradual path to awareness that comes step by step, not by taking a big leap in one go.

It may work, but you may be much harder to find (unless you keep bashing on T

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(accidentally tooted to early).

Unless your strategy is to continuously keep rattling the door on Twitter at all these organizations, thus keeping you in the spotlight. But that will also take lotsa energy, comes at a cost.

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@kavbojka it's not an endorsement, it's taking the money where it is to be able to continue the fight. You don't like it? Fine, neither do I, and probably neither does the EFF. But complaining on social media contributes nothing to the cause. You want to help solve this problem? Scratch your own itch: raise the "clean" money so they don't have to depend on "dubious" one. @emacsen @handle

@emacsen @kavbojka @handle I'm really an outsider in the sense that I don't attend conferences and so don't have much of a sense of what happens other than the published talks. From my point of view I don't think you can take the money from a megacorp and then expect to have critical discussions about them which are devoid of influence. Even if only subconsciously, people will know that if they criticize too much then the money will vanish and future conferences won't happen.
@bob @kavbojka@mastodon.social @emacsen @handle All of the conferences are funded by the giants to at least some degree.




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