The Mozilla Foundation has a podcast called IRL. In a recent episode they talked about passwords and basically ended the episode advocating the use of proprietary password managers, specifically LastPass and OnePass.

LastPass has had number of security breaches over the years. Mozilla is a non-profit that creates Free Software, and even has a password manager built into Firefox that is FLOSS, and even self-hostable. Why are they advocating people use inferior stuff to their own?

@emacsen I was always surprised how many of the self-styled infotech experts on Twitter talk up such solutions. There were various demographics from academic types to those with edgy handles and avatars but they seemed of a piece on this whatever else they would argue over.

@krozruch I know not everyone agrees with me on the issue of LastPass or OnePass. Let me also be clear on something...

Even the proprietary solutions are better than password re-use. Significantly. But Mozilla makes Free Software. If they don't believe in their own stuff, fix it. And if they do, promote it. Don't promote proprietary stuff, or at least present Free alternatives.

@emacsen I couldn't get very far with keepass when I tried to set it up recently. I expected it to be easier to link to firefox etc. Not looked into self-hosting Firefox's password manager. I should look into it more.

@krozruch We're thinking that if there's a week without Chris being available for LibreLounge, maybe I'll talk about my password setup. Think people would be interested?

@emacsen I think I would. But then I also think I need to add your podcast to my org-mode - done - as I haven't manged to listen yet :(


@krozruch @cwebber recently added the ability to play @librelounge directly from the website. - no need for an aggregator (unless you roll that way)

@emacsen @cwebber @librelounge I must admit that I normally play podcasts through Pocket Casts on Android (!) or Overcast on iOS (!). My first smartphone was Ubuntu Phone but... well. Anywat, I had failed to search for you on the latter, but just added it from the url.

@emacsen @cwebber @librelounge So listened to the first and learned a lot. Only now getting into org-mode but it was interesting to hear it described, essentially, as ADHD-proof. This has been my experience (or my hope) and I have previously tried everything from Toodledo to OmniFocus to expensive notebooks to weird uses of poker chips and abacuses.

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