Just had to unsubscribe from yet another left-wing news org due to antisemitism. I wish the far left could rid itself of the conspiracy theories and other hate speech around "Jewish control".


@zge "In These Times". Their story is basically that "Rich Israeli Supporters" (ie Jews) are part of a conspiracy that creates worldwide suffering.

This is an old strategy around Jew-haters, to say that Jews are part of a worldwide leadership conspiracy. Screw them.

@emacsen I tend to find this quite wierd behaviour, undisciplined/incoherent maybe.

As Poistone said[0]:

"Racism rarely, [...] constitutes a whole system that seeks to explain the world; whereas antisemitism is a primitive critique of the world of capitalist modernity. The reason I regard it as being particularly dangerous for the Left is precisely because antisemitism has a pseudo-emancipatory dimension that other forms of racism rarely have."

[0]: thecharnelhouse.org/2016/05/02

@zge Thanks for this, I'll be sure to bookmark it.

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