What are people's favorite web based RSS readers?

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@emacsen For quite some time now I use the News app for NextCloud on my own server instance.

This setup keeps all the data of what I read on my own server and I still can transparently access the news feeds from multiple devices without reading entries twice.

I described the setup in a previous small blog post:

@dzu Thanks. I need to look at what's involved in moving a Docker based Nextcloud installation as my Nexcloud server is super slow. It's fine for async operations like file access but for anything interactive it's unusable. Need to move it to another box.

@emacsen Yes, having a reasonably responsive NC instance makes a lot of sense. For me and my family the Contacts and Calendar Apps for Nextcloud have become an important piece of the digital infrastructure. Being able to use them through a web interface is paramount for its usefulness.

@emacsen I prefer a desktop RSS reader, but I wasn't entirely unhappy with the ikiwiki aggregator.

@emacsen selfoss. It has a web interface and an Android app.

@emacsen Since GReader died, I've used Feedly. But I'll be moving on, probably to a desktop setup. I've been having way too much fun with #elfeed. ;)

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