Dear #fediversedev​s, I am working on the problem of decentralised hashtag federation for #ActivityPub networks as a university project.

Here is a brief first overview of my ideas and what I intend to do:

If you have any ideas, strong opinions or remarks on this I'd love to hear them.
If you're at #35C3 I hope that we can discuss this topic.

/cc @Gargron @denschub @cwebber @kaniini @heluecht @svbergerem @jaywink @fla @dansup



@schmittlauch @Gargron @cwebber @heluecht @jaywink @dansup I see two issues here, as you point out. One is making non actors subscribeable and the other is a uniform API description so an instance can publish additional services that it provides.

@emacsen regarding "making non-actors subscribable": Do you know how the current ActivityPyb relays solve this? Because somehow they need to cope with this as well.

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