I really wanted to publish this week's @librelounge but I'm in Israel for the week (landed earlier today) and I won't be able to edit the show by Saturday. I'm really sorry all, but I will try to get next week's out on time if I can find the time.

@craigmaloney @librelounge Thanks! My first time here and meeting the girlfriends family too. A lot going on!

@emacsen @librelounge Not found time to listen yet - though I hope to do so soon-ish - but I'm thinking everyone needs to take time for themselves sometimes; sometimes we all push ourselves too hard trying to do what matters. Guessing the show won't be anything the worse for having a breather.

@krozruch @librelounge Thanks! The next episode is a little timely so I want to get it out ASAP. I do hope that you get a chance to listen. This upcoming episode is our best but IMHO our second best is ep 3.

@emacsen @librelounge Begin with Tron. I can deal with that :)
(Though, honestly, I only saw it for the first time a couple of years ago.)

@krozruch @librelounge Back when Jeff Bridges could act like Flynn and not just the Dude, as in Tron Legacy where it's "The Dude in Tron". Also fun fact- two Babylon 5 actors play roles in the original Tron. 😉

Listening to @librelounge I don't know the history of software freedom etc. I've been picking it up over the last couple of years ie. from the wrong side of the victory of Open Source.. Suspect it would be great for anybody who knows more. Check it out.

@krozruch @librelounge Thanks for this lovely review. We're definitely a culture of our own and I'm proud of being a part of it (even if, as we talked about, we have a ways to go).

@emacsen @librelounge Thanks for the effort, but make sure to take care of yourself. We'll all be here when you are able to find an appropriate time. :)

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